‘Riding The Flying Pink Pig’ Streets Today

(LOS ANGELES— February 9th, 2012) Erica Mclean’s newest release “Riding The Flying Pink Pig” which is out from LFP/Hustler Video and Cheeky Monkey, streets today. The movie has received major press and media exposure coast to coast, including TMZ, thanks in part to the legendary Snoop Dogg, who has written an original song for the […]

Snoop Dogg Writes Original Song for the Soundtrack of Erica McLean’s ‘Riding the Flying Pink Pig’

(LOS ANGELES— January 11th, 2011)The legendary Snoop Dogg has written an original song for the soundtrack for acclaimed director Erica McLean’s upcoming release through LFP Video, ” Riding The Flying Pink Pig” (Cheeky Monkey/LFP).   Snoop Dogg met McLean at the recent Players Ball in Hollywood thru their mutual friend Bishop Don Juan. Mclean is […]

Fully Baked Trailer final minus the music.

Ok all this is the final edit part of the trailer for Fully Baked.  I am waiting for the final music for the trailer.  Other then that its done.  See if you see what I changed. =)[stream provider=video flv=x:/tonybonesxxx.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/trailer.flv img=x:/www.tonybonesxxx.com/images/tbxxx_shirt_dark.gif mp4=x:/tonybonesxxx.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/trailer.mp4 embed=true share=true width=540 height=260 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Diamonds Are Forever @therubpr

(Los Angeles, CA) Lexington Steele has entered the publishing arena with his magazine, Black Diamonds, published by Blue Horizon Media, publishers of the hugely successful magazines Cheri and High Society. Nyomi Banxxx will grace the cover of the premiere issue of Black Diamonds, which will feature interviews with industry heavy hitters, including Nyomi Banxxx, Mr. […]

X-Play Wraps Principal Production of Not Rocky XXX

(Hollywood, CA) X-Play has wrapped the principal in-studio production segments for their epic Rocky parody Not Rocky XXX leaving them with just one exterior day of shooting remaining.  The adult movie was another production marathon which left cast and crew exhausted but completely satisfied pushing many to their physical and mental limits. “This was one […]