Support my sexy hot friend Mandy Sweet. Read her blog NOW! =) @mandysweetnsexy

Yes she has one  and I think you should read it as well.  Why?  Well other then fucking on film she does something for work that I admire  respect her for.  She is an unsung hero.  Now how is this you ask?  She is an EMT and she does risk her life time to time to help save lives so if you don’t know what that is then you can find out all the info here:

What does she talk about?  Being an EMT, her porn star life, nursing school and ME. hehehe She also provides pictures and nude ones at that.  (DROOL) I hope to have her on my site and she is also a personal friend outside the xxx industry as well.  She has some hot girlfriends, real cool brother  and cool room mates.  So when you go there tell her I sent you. She has a hot friend Tera Knightly that you just want to… Oh sorry 😉

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