‘Shameless Sex’ Movember Instagram Campaign Inspires More Prostate Exploration @bsgpr

(Los Angeles, CA / November 26, 2019) — ‘Shameless Sex’ hosts Amy Baldwin and April Lampert announce the fruitful completion of their Movember Prostate Awareness contest – inviting listeners to send anonymous photos and share tips on the weekly podcast’s Instagram page.
According to Baldwin, the pair’s two-week challenge to promote education and participation around prostate and testicular cancer prevention led to a slew of informative online submissions, while also inspiring ‘Shameless Sex’ listeners to try prostate play themselves.
“Our Movember contest just finished, and it was a big success! One of the best parts about it was that it gave participants an opportunity to be a part of the education,” said Baldwin, who received many photos of fans’ fast facts – written on plain paper and just covering their mustachioed faces – about prostate and testicular health.
“We had quite a few people share that the Movember campaign inspired them to explore their prostates, something that they’d long been afraid of due to general lack of education about the subject and it being a bit of a taboo activity.”
Baldwin noted that favorite entries included ‘Low T increases your chances of developing prostate cancer’, ‘a prostate feels like the tip of your nose… only three-quarters of your finger!’ and ‘regular stimulation of the prostate may reduce health risks’.
“Sure, there are incentives such as prizes for participating, but we are constantly impressed by the bravery and willingness people have in taking part in conversations about sex. It’s like they are hungry for it, so it feels good to provide an outlet where they can be a part of the sex-positive movement.”
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