Revenge is Sweet for Whitney Wright in Pure Taboo’s The Gold Star @bsgpr

(Montreal, QC / July 24, 2018) — Pure Taboo is set to release The Gold Star, a shadowy tale of unconditional love against powerful odds, starring Whitney Wright, out July 24 at
Wright took on the monumental task of writing the painfully realistic screenplay about a pregnant abused woman (Ivy Wolfe, in a non-sex role) who is unable to escape the clutches of her controlling deputy mayor husband (Isiah Maxwell).
“What are you doing here? He’s going to hurt you,” whispers Ivy to Whitney, who has broken into the bedroom to save her from the house of horrors. “We’re leaving tonight,” says Whitney. “He’s not going to hurt you anymore…”
Wright’s concept of recording her sexual encounter with Maxwell to distract him is one of Pure Taboo’s darker storylines that is especially important these days, according to director Bree Mills.
“Domestic violence is more common than we want to believe, and Whitney wanted to tackle this delicate subject head-on, taking viewers on a journey that many people have unfortunately traveled,” said Mills.
“This is more than just a love story, it’s about real friendship and being there for someone when they need help the most.”
“This episode was inspired by some of my favorite movies,”says Wright. “I love suspense, drama, and a good plot twist, so I incorporated them all into “The Gold Star”. When her future plans begin to crumble, my character is forced to resort to a dangerous last-ditch effort to save her partner from the hands of her abusive husband. It’s startling, emotional, and has a great ending that I’m ecstatic for everyone to see.”
The trailer and full scene for The Gold Star is available at Find out more about Whitney Wright at her official cast page.
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Launched in September 2017, PureTaboo is the latest studio operated by the Gamma Films Group, the production arm of adult company Gamma Entertainment. Helmed by XBIZ and AVN award-winning director Bree Mills and promoting the tagline ‘Some taboos are meant to be broken’, PureTaboo features the most popular and up-and-coming faces in adult today, challenging themselves to bring acting and sexual performances in a way viewers have never seen before.
Mills and the PureTaboo team are committed to taking taboo porn seriously, with storylines tackling society’s accepted – but most intriguing – sexual circumstances: inappropriate family relations, compulsions, teen virgin, sexual perversions and the hidden corners of the viewer’s psyche.
“We hope to leave you equally shocked and aroused,” says Mills. “After all, aren’t some taboos meant to be broken?”

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