Night at the Erotic Museum

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Night at the Erotic MuseumSmash Pictures brings you their big budget film of the year. A film like the funny and artistic films of the “Golden Age” of porn. Presenting “Night at the Erotic Museum.”

Back in the early days of erotic films they made more of a gift than a product — a gift of feeling good about things. Shot by award winning director Jim Powers, “Night at the Erotic Museum” was filmed in a real sex museum and provides the entertainment, hot sex, and laughs reminiscent of an era long gone.

Jim Powers explains, “The idea for this movie goes back about 4 years ago when I met the owner of Smash Pictures, Dan Quinn and Harry Mohney, the owner of the Erotic Heritage Museum… they wanted to make a movie incorporating the legends of erotica at the museum. I put together a script, making a parody where the night watchman sees the exhibits come to life.”

The cast includes James Deen as Harry the night watchman, Riley Reid as Emily the tour guide, Zoe Wood as the horny stowaway, Eric John as John Holmes, Anthony Rosano as Harry Reems, Ana Morna as Linda Lovelace, Elizabeth Bentley as the nurse, Chanel Preston as Marilyn Chambers, Isiah Maxwell as Johnnie Keyes, Marcus London as Caligula, Jenna Ivory as Seka, and Ron Jeremy as Mr. McGee, the museum’s curator.

Jim Powers goes on to tell, “Pornstars of the past come to life and crazy things take place at the sex museum. Pornstar greats come back to life. It was a great cast! We had James Deen, probably the top male talent going right now. Riley Reid is one of the top girls, and Chanel Preston, we had some pretty good girls in there. Jenna [Ivory] got really into the character…”

Seka, the only living legend portrayed having a sex scene in the film, has this to say about it: “Oh, I loved it! Smash Pictures did a great job in representing those of us from the late 70’s and 80’s… The girl that played me was perfect! She’s a very pretty girl! And they had everything perfect, I remember a Swedish Erotica [film] where I wore a yellow dress with a white scarf, they almost got the hairstyle down — not quite, but daggone close.”

Jim Powers continues, “Harry Mohney wanted to make it like a throwback to the old 70’s porno movies so it would be really funny and have ridiculous gags [like the guy in the penis suit], the whole movie pays homage to 70’s porno, meaning it’s done in that funny tongue in cheek style. And Ron Jeremy is hilarious in it, you couldn’t have a movie like this without Ronnie. This is homage to 70’s porno!”

The movie opens with Zoe Wood and her friend hiding until the museum closes. When they are out for a romp John Holmes comes to life! Her guy splits and she devours The King of porn. She really looks good with her all natural body and beautiful long red hair. “Night at the Erotic Museum” portrays classic porn at its best with visual images remarkably close to the originals.

This film is a fun, light-hearted way to honor those who paved the way for today’s Adult Industry in a time when it was illegal to film sex and many went to jail doing what they loved to do. To them it was rewarding to record an act of pleasure for others to enjoy. For them the reward was worth the risk. You will enjoy this film right through the out-takes in the closing credits!

Those wanting “Night at the Erotic Museum,” or are interested in acquiring a licensing deal, please contact Wyatt Case at 818-772-7219, Extension 104, or email at

Visit the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas at 3275 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109. Call them at 702-794-4000 and visit them from 11AM to 10PM seven days a week. See the actual museum where this epic film was made!

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