Hard Art Shoots First

Hard Art shoots first, asks questions later – gives the green light to their first release, “Hypersexual”

Hard Art green lights their first release, “Hypersexual,” a perverse sexual drama with a documentary flavor.

“Things are moving fast,” says Hard Art’s COO Jeff Sharp, “we just signed Cal-Arts grad Sally Forth to a test show, the script is written and ready.”

When pressed why he thinks a novice like Sally Forth, coming fresh off the street, can handle a big budget feature, Sharp opines, “First of all it’s not a big budget feature, ‘economical’ is a better word. Also my salesman Hyland C told me to get her an experienced crew to insulate things and help keep on time and budget, so that’s what we did!” Casting is finished the last I heard. Very exciting! This weekend its “lights, camera, action!”

Retailers interested in stocking Hard Art titles please contact Hyland C. at Hyland@PulseDistribution.com and (818) 435-1615, or an IVD Sales Representative.

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