Angela White Gets Caught in Pure Taboo’s Smart House of Horrors @bsgpr

Angela White Gets Caught in Pure Taboo’s Smart House of Horrors 
(Montreal, QC / September 25, 2018) — Pure Taboo presents Angela White in a brand-new Future Darkly scene, Smart House of Horrors, out September 25 exclusively at
The buxom beauty plays a realtor who introduces new married couple Jane Wilde and Donnie Rock to their new ‘smart home’, complete with an in-house robotic concierge named Joy. All goes well in their beautiful house of the future… until it doesn’t.
“Joy… STOP,” warns Donnie as the automated assistant begins to intrude on their most intimate moments. “I don’t want to live in this smart house anymore,” cries Jane. “Joy…” commands Donnie, “open the front door!” “I’m sorry…” replies Joy coldly, “I’m afraid I can’t do that…”
Written by Bree Mills and directed by Mills and Craven Moorehead, the latest installment in the Future Darkly series explores the downside to ‘convenient’ technology and humans’ increasing reliance on it.
“It’s a slippery slope we’re traveling on with consumer tech, and I think people are starting to realize this,” says Mills of Smart House of Horrors’ message. “For every upside to these ‘smart’ machines, there is a very real downside, and it’s we need to pay attention to how it affects us in the real world.”
The trailer and full feature are available at The first three installments of the Future Darkly series, ARTIFAMILY, The White Room and Don’t Panic! are out now at Go to’s official cast page to find out more about Smart House of Horrors stars Angela White and Jane Wilde.
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Launched in September 2017, PureTaboo is the latest studio operated by the Gamma Films Group, the production arm of adult company Gamma Entertainment. Helmed by XBIZ and AVN award-winning director Bree Mills and promoting the tagline ‘Some taboos are meant to be broken’, PureTaboo features the most popular and up-and-coming faces in adult today, challenging themselves to bring acting and sexual performances in a way viewers have never seen before.
Mills and the PureTaboo team are committed to taking taboo porn seriously, with storylines tackling society’s accepted – but most intriguing – sexual circumstances: inappropriate family relations, compulsions, teen virgin, sexual perversions and the hidden corners of the viewer’s psyche.
“We hope to leave you equally shocked and aroused,” says Mills. “After all, aren’t some taboos meant to be broken?”

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