Hello every one.   My name is Tony Bones.   Many of you know me as an adult personality on such networks as KSEX, Talking Sex Radio, Heat Party Radio and RUDE TV.   I'm currently working on getting a new network for my show called Planet Porn with Pornstar Angelica Lane.   On all these networks would not show anything on air.   Now you are going to get to know me in a whole new way.    Why would some one who looks like me and is fat as I am get into porn?   Simple, I represent the average person.   The regular guy who does not have a 7" dick and who is not good looking.    I'm also borderline diabetic and have high blood pressure.   So since I need to loose weight, what a perfect way to burn off my fat.    So watch me have sex with hot woman while I loose my weight.   I'm always looking for new talent to work with or first timers.   So please take a look around my site as I work on it making it better.  There will be some changes and some cool things to do here other then watching me.  

Here are some stats

Hight 6' 3" : Weight 300lbs now down to 210lbs