HardArt Sexual Harassment Traile

With little fanfare the trailer to “Sexual Harassment” is out. [Link to trailer: http://hardartfilms.com/21HardArt-Releases-Official-Sexual-Harassment-Trailer.phtml]

4NOW Newswire Martha Kelly reporting from Springboard Studio West (SSW) has just come from viewing it. I tell HardArt COO Jeff Sharp “It’s good, it tells the story well. I’ve seen the full show on DVD so the impact is diluted some”. I add, Why did it the trailer take so long to be released?

Jeff Sharp: There was some confusion a couple of months ago with…

Martha Kelly: “Ahhh yes, the Proto-Trailer – or the trailer that ‘dares not speak its name.'”

(HardArt’s choice to release a clip of the show and call it a “proto” trailer drew industry snickers.)

Jeff Sharp: [serious deadpan] “We don’t mention it.”

Martha Kelly: “Then we won’t. Sexual Harassment streets next week, what does that mean to you and for this company?”

Jeff Sharp: “Well the production wasn’t pretty or clockwork, however, at the risk of using a platitude, we all at HardArt are very please with the picture as well as this trailer. I believe Sally [director Sally Forth] bit off more than she could chew during the shoot, but somehow managed to get it down. Having said all that I’m happy to see Sexual Harassment in the rearview mirror.”

Martha Kelly: Production is hard, huh?

About Martha Kelly:

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.